3 thoughts on “Gmail Login Guide You Should Know

  1. I have 2 gmail accounts, barkfeather@gmail.com and arthurbfay@gmail.com. Barkfeather is working fine, but I recently changed the password on the arthurbfay account and now I cannot log into that account.
    How do I go about changing the pasword on that account? When I try to log into that account, I get taken to the barkfeather account.


    1. Thanks For commenting
      The issue is you have changed the password and it seems like possibly you have forgotten the password you can easily recover the password via the your mobile phone or another way is you can simply recover password if you had add recovery email 🙂

      1. and before logging into your arthurbfay account make sure you are sign out from your barkfeather account you may simple go sign in page there will be a option remove that account simply click on in after that try to login to your arthurbfay account i hope this will help

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